The Englestad Foundation Donates Over Half a Million Dollars to C4K

The Englestad Foundation Donates $556K to Cure 4 The Kids Foundation For 

Behavioral Health Needs of Childhood Cancer & Rare Disease Patients

Cure 4 The Kids Foundation (C4K) announced the Englestad Foundation’s support, which provides $556,000 to fund the behavioral health needs of childhood cancer and rare disease patients. 


The Englestad Foundation funding covers a year’s worth of Behavioral Health Team services to assist patients and their families with the impacts of a childhood cancer diagnosis and other catastrophic childhood diseases in what are highly challenging medical journeys.


“The treatment of childhood cancer and other pediatric conditions goes beyond the chemotherapy and other medical treatments we provide in the clinic, said Annette Logan, Founder, and CEO, Cure 4 The Kids Foundation. “Our goal at Cure 4 The Kids Foundation is to meet all the patient’s needs, including educational, emotional, social, cognitive, and mental well-being. Our Behavioral Health Team is essential to a patient’s full recovery, making this Englestad Foundation funding vital to a patient’s success.”


“We are thrilled the Englestad Foundation supports the vital services and benefits that our Behavioral Health Team provide to patients and their families,” said Danielle Bello, Ph.D., ABPP-CN, Behavioral Health Director, Cure 4 The Kids Foundation. “Medical therapies, combined with behavioral health coordination and services, allow us to treat the whole patient and provide the best path forward.”


 The Behavioral Health Team includes:


           Licensed Clinical Psychologist & Board Certified Neuropsychologist to help identify brain functioning, thinking skills, human behavior, and emotions in patients. A neuropsychological evaluation can diagnose specific conditions and provide a plan to help a patient grow and overcome challenges through therapies, medications, and school accommodations.

           Certified Child Life Specialist provides one-on-one support to patients and family members by preparing for medically complex treatments. A certified child life specialist also provides unique coping strategies for patients to relieve stress and anxiety related to medical procedures.

           Social Worker provides support and resources for patients and families with various needs, including financial and social support, transportation, and education. Additionally, the social worker communicates directly with community partners to maintain services and establish new resources.


C4K is the premier pediatric cancer and rare disease treatment center in Nevada, serving nearly 3,700 individuals through 18,273 encounters in 2020. 

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