StoryBook Homes

Storybook Homes

The principals of StoryBook Homes, Wayne and Catherine Laska, know the toll a cancer diagnosis takes on the entire family. When their son was diagnosed with a Wilm’s Tumor at age three, their lives changed dramatically. Like the vast majority of children who are diagnosed with cancer, he survived. With the increased rate of childhood cancer survivorship, there is a new emphasis on what are called the “late effects” of cancer treatments. Years after remission, the chemotherapy, radiation or surgery that saved the lives of these children can create additional medical issues. That’s why the Laskas donated $500,000 to the StoryBook Homes Long-Term Follow-Up Clinic for Childhood Cancer Survivors. This clinic is dedicated to educating patients on any possible risks they may encounter from “late-effects,” and helps to monitor their health into adulthood.


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