Shawn Nason

About Shawn Nason

Founder & CEO of the Nason Group

Shawn Nason, founder & CEO of the Nason Group, believes that the status quo in health care is not sustainable. He’s on a personal mission to disrupt the health care industry by changing the member, patient, and provider experience. To do this, he’s in relentless pursuit of putting the consumer’s voice first and infiltrating a tired, outdated system with bold, game-changing ideas.
As a self-proclaimed disruptor, Shawn utilizes consumer-centered design to dig into the stories of those affected by the problem and then finds a way to engage the consumer’s voice in each step of the design process. He channels his frustration with the status quo into fighting for systemic change and inspiring others to disrupt with him. He’s the person in the room who is undeterred by convention, unafraid to dream big, and unable to settle for mediocrity.Prior to starting the Nason Group, Shawn led the Healthways Innovation Living Lab, served as the chief innovation officer for Xavier University, and worked in the innovation area at Humana. He also spent six years at The Walt Disney Company in various capacities within Walt Disney Imagineering and Disney Cruise Line. He’s the author of the 2017 book, The Power of YES! In Innovation.Shawn has been connected with Cure 4 the Kids since November 2017 when he met Annette Logan at a patient experience conference. After hearing the radical, gritty story of how the organization grew from a napkin on a kitchen table to treating over 40.000 of kids in the span of a decade, Shawn was hooked. Since then, Cure 4 the Kids has become a passion for Shawn and his team as they have visited regularly from their homes in Cincinnati, Ohio, and have found ways to offer support, especially in the area of patient, family, and employee experience. He even jumped at the chance for the Nason Group to be the lead sponsor for the 2018 Circus Couture.In his role as a member of the Board of Directors, Shawn is chomping at the bit to find ways to further connect his disruptive nature with Cure 4 the Kids’ maverick mindset. As an experience design expert, he’s ready to roll up his sleeves to help the organization take big next steps in its continued journey to rethink health care. And, of course, Shawn and his entire team can’t wait to find ways to be actively involved in supporting the clinic doing whatever is most needed at the moment to #celebratethefight.