Nicola Longo

About Nicola Longo

M.D., Ph.D.

Chief of the Division of Medical Genetics

Dr. Longo has been a member of our Visiting Physician Program since 2009.  Currently, he is the Chief of the Division of Medical Genetics at the University of Utah. His past professional experience includes Director of Clinical Biochemical Genetics Fellowships Program, as well as Professor (Tenured) in Medical Genetics/Pediatrics and Professor (Adjunct) in Pathology at the University of Utah. He also served on numerous scientific review committees for the National Institutes of Health.

Dr. Longo sees patients in Las Vegas on a regular basis. He also oversees the state of Nevada’s Newborn Screening Program, which tests all newborns for genetic disorders so that early treatment can be offered, if needed. Dr. Longo is increasing the amount of time he spends in Nevada to expand treatment for those patients with Lysosomal Storage Disorders (LSD). Bringing Dr. Longo’s unique and specialized expertise to Nevada allows patients to access a level of care not currently available at any practice in Nevada.