Project Imagine | C4K's Arts in Medicine Program


 Project Imagine is Cure 4 The Kids Foundation’s exclusive Arts in Medicine Program.  As part of Cure 4 The Kids Foundation, Nevada’s only pediatric cancer treatment center who takes pride in a multidisciplinary approach, Project imagine strives to provide a unique experience designed to enhance the quality of life and empower children through creative expression.

In our expansive Infusion Suite, we facilitate art, music, photography, and literary exploration, with the knowledge that these actions can aid in a child’s treatment success.

We provide a safe and creative space, giving them an opportunity to express and resolve unspoken feelings through the arts.


While the goal of Cure 4 The Kids Foundation is to keep our children out of the hospital sometimes it is inevitable and this is why Project Imagine Artists can also be found serving our patients at Summerlin Hospital.  You can find our Musicians roaming the halls engaging patients, their families and staff to an uplifting melody and you will find our Visual Artist providing one-on-one bedside art sessions.  Their goal is to create a positive memorable experience and provide a much needed distraction from life in the hospital. 


Empowering children with severe

 health conditions through creative

 expression with the knowledge 

that we can provide direct and

 measurable health benefits for the

 children we serve through the arts.

Project Imagine
Project Imagine

ART | Project Imagine’s team of resident artists conduct art enrichment sessions at the bedside of your patients during their visit.  Children choose their medium and are encouraged to use the power of their imagination to create the art that will be the legacy of their creativity, insight and vision.

MUSIC | Using the healing power of music, our resident musicians provide music enrichment sessions to help brighten the day!  Young patients are provided with instruments and encouraged to express their personal style through music and are able to explore different instruments such as piano, guitar, African drums, tambourines, maracas and much more.

THEATER | Sometimes, our kids have limited access to the arts and the magic of theater due to their condition.  Our programming provides our patients and their families with a transformative experience, enabling them to experience a high-quality arts performance, where an emphasis upon the imagination art of narrative and storytelling, can re-invent the clinical space.

PHOTOGRAPHY | This experience is unique and tailored around education and exploration.  Discussions about the history, composition and color begin each session.  The children are given their own camera and are encouraged by different verbal prompts to build their craft.  The results are extraordinary!

DIY Projects To Do At Home:

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