Cure 4 The Kids Foundation

Where does the money go?

Your donation to the Cure 4 The Kids Foundation goes straight to our Charity Care Program which ensure no child is turned away from treatment for financial reasons. You can help save the life of a child with cancer and other life threatening diseases. 

We are proud that our business model is solid and we can ensure 90 cents of every dollar donated goes directly to fund programs at Cure 4 The Kids Foundation and all of it stays in the local area.

Your donations provide vital equipment, medication and therapy to patients and staff.

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Provides masks for our patients and families

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Provides PPE gloves, gowns, baby wipes, disposable thermometers and sanitizing agents.

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Provides vital lab tests, blood panel analysis, marrow donor testing and more.

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Helps provide pain relieving and anti-anxiety therapies.

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Helps provide live-saving medications and treatments.

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