Nick Carter of the Backstreet Boys Supporting Cure 4 The Kids Foundation

Carter Helps Launch Cure 4 The Kids Foundation’s “Keep It Local” Campaign


Nick Carter, member of the multi-Grammy award winning musical group The Backstreet Boys, solo artist, actor and producer, and Las Vegas resident, is helping bring greater awareness to Cure 4 The Kids Foundation, Nevada’s only pediatric cancer treatment center.


Carter has stepped forward to support Cure 4 The Kids Foundation in a number of ways including a series of recorded public service announcements that highlight the mission of Cure 4 The Kids Foundation and the need for local support. Carter has also supported Cure 4 The Kids Foundation via his social media channels of over 1 million followers. Carter, along with his wife and two children, has made Southern Nevada his home.


“I have come to learn so much about Cure 4 The Kids Foundation, and am so impressed by what they provide to the community and of course to patients,” said Nick Carter. “It’s made me truly appreciate that my own children are in good health, and it has also moved me to want to support Cure 4 The Kids Foundation which is saving the lives of children with cancer — including those without medical insurance or ability to pay. That is an incredible commitment to this community and I am compelled to do what I can to support it.”


“Getting to know Nick Carter has been an absolute joy and to see his desire to step in and help us is all anyone needs to know about his giving heart, and his commitment to this community,” said Annette Logan-Parker, president & CEO, Cure 4 The Kids Foundation. “We’re proud to say that Nick Carter is one of us, a Las Vegan, and is committed to supporting his community.”


The PSAs will be shared by Nick Carter on his social media platforms and also by Cure 4 The Kids Foundation on theirs. The public is encouraged to also share the PSA and is asked to tag @Cure4The KidsFoundation on Facebook, @Cure4thekids onTwitter, @Cure4thekids on Instagram, and Cure 4 The Kids Foundation on LinkedIn.


Keep It Local

Carters support of the organization, as a resident of Southern Nevada, is also helping Cure 4 The Kids Foundation launch its Keep It Local” campaign. While many national and well-known childhood cancer organizations fundraise in Nevada, those organizations do not provide direct medical treatment to Nevada children battling cancer. 


Cure 4 The Kids Foundation is Nevada’s only clinic member of the Childrens Oncology Group (COG), the worlds largest organization devoted exclusively to pediatric and adolescent cancer research. As a COG member, Cure 4 The Kids Foundation is the only Nevada entity with access to COGs more than 100 clinical trials.


The Keep It Local” campaign is designed to educate Nevadans about their donations to nonprofit organizations, and to encourage the public to support those fundraising efforts that keep funds collected in Nevada in our state to help Nevada’s children.


Prior to 2007 when Cure 4 The Kids Foundation was founded, it was not unusual for pediatric cancer patients in Southern Nevada to travel out of state for cancer treatment. This was especially difficult for families with limited incomes who often lack funds and transportation to travel out of state on a weekly or monthly basis.


Under the guidance of Chief Medical Officer Alan Ikeda, M.D., Cure 4 The Kids Foundation provides treatment for pediatric cancer, rare and ultra rare diseases, blood disorders, bleeding and clotting disorders, genetic and rheumatology conditions and more. Cure 4 The Kids Foundation has the largest number of board-certified pediatric hematology-oncology physicians in the state, and Cure 4 The Kids Foundation is accredited by the Joint Commission which is considered the most stringent medical accreditation in the country.


While most patients at Cure 4 The Kids Foundation are covered by some type of medical insurance, the Charity Care Program ensures those families who are uninsured, underinsured or unable to pay for services also receive the same top-quality treatment. The Charity Care Program is funded through a number of generous donors, fundraising events and campaigns, as well as grants.



About Cure 4 The Kids Foundation

We are Nevadas only pediatric cancer treatment center and facility for childhood catastrophic diseases. Founded in Las Vegas in 2007 as a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit, Cure 4 The Kids Foundation exists to advance cures and prevention of pediatric cancer through clinical excellence, research and innovation. We are proudly accredited by The Joint Commission. This stringent medical accreditation and the required unannounced inspections ensure that patients are getting the best care possible. From the beginning, the mission of Cure 4 The Kids Foundation has been to bring increased community access to these specialized treatments that are leading the way to improved patient outcomes. Our Charity Care Program provides the highest quality treatment for everyone, no matter their financial situation. No patient is turned away because of their familys inability to pay.

Cure 4 The Kids Foundation, Andre Agassi Foundation for Education and CCSD Announce New Learning Center for Pediatric Cancer Patients

Cure 4 The Kids Foundation has announced a first-of-its-kind educational partnership within the State of Nevada to help pediatric cancer patients – and others with catastrophic conditions – advance their educational progress while receiving life-saving treatments.

The Andre Agassi Foundation For Education Learning Center is located in the same building as Cure 4 The Kids Foundation. It will provide patients with direct access to a licensed Clark County School District (CCSD) teacher. CCSD educator Jennifer Morris along with a teacher’s aide will work throughout the school year to assist patients before and after clinic appointments.

Generous funding from the Andre Agassi Foundation for Education will cover the Learning Center’s build-out, operating costs, supplies, educational software and equipment and more.

”The Learning Center is something I’ve dreamed of providing to our patients for years, but we haven’t been in a position to offer it until now,” said Annette Logan-Parker, president and CEO, Cure 4 The Kids Foundation. “Thankfully, some inspired individuals and groups have stepped forward to help us make this happen.”

Through its support of the Learning Center, the Andre Agassi Foundation for Education continues its mission to improve the lives of underserved youth by providing educational opportunities.

“Cure 4 The Kids Foundation does an amazing job of caring for kids with pediatric cancer and other long-term illnesses,” said Julie Pippenger, COO, Andre Agassi Foundation for Education. “The move to add an educational and resource component to their list of priorities while caring for these young patients is just another example of the level of commitment and compassion Cure 4 The Kids Foundation has for these children and their families.  The Andre Agassi Foundation for Education is proud to be a founding partner and supporter of the Learning Center.”

As a CCSD educator, Morris will have access to CCSD curriculum and teaching materials and will offer a full range of educational and support services for Cure 4 The Kids Foundation patients and their families. All educational assistance offered during the Learning Center’s first semester will be provided virtually in recognition of COVID-19 guidelines. Even with those safeguards, Morris will provide virtual one-on-one tutoring, interactive lessons and activities, parental and patient support for the Canvas educational delivery program, and other general education needs.

“At a time when our children are facing so many challenges and hardships in their lives, their schooling shouldn’t be one of them,” said Jennifer Morris, CCSD educator. “Our goal in the Learning Center is to offer our students a balance of educational activities, supports, and a lot of fun so that when they are ready to resume their regular schooling, the transition is smooth and successful.”

Patients will schedule sessions in the Learning Center before or after their clinic visits, as well as during frequent chemotherapy infusions, which can take hours to complete. The Clark County School District is covering the cost of Morris’ salary during the school year“This learning center is an important step to ensure normalcy in the lives of our courageous children by providing them and their parents with access to an educator and other resources to assist with their specific education needs,” said CCSD Superintendent Dr. Jesus F. Jara, “CCSD is proud to partner with Cure 4 The Kids Foundation to support our brave students and their families going through this particularly challenging time.”

One of the principal advocates of the Learning Center is Ellen Bordinhao, a retired teacher who spent 33 years with CCSD. Her daughter, Janie, was a Cure 4 The Kids Foundation patient and a teacher, who dreamed of having a position where she could work with children battling cancer. Through her daughter’s 20-month medical journey, Ellen saw firsthand the difficulty families faced addressing their child’s educational needs while also battling a devastating disease. Sadly, Janie passed away on January 15, 2019, but Ellen and her family are determined to have Janie’s legacy live on and benefit other patients. In honor of Janie, a portion of the Learning Center is named Janie’s Classroom.

“Our family is so grateful for the medical care Janie received at Cure 4 The Kids Foundation,” said Ellen Bordinhao. “It’s my job to pay it forward in memory of my beautiful daughter. I am honored to be doing this work.”

The Andre Agassi Foundation for Education Learning Center is a vital benefit for children undergoing treatment for cancer and other long-term conditions. Pediatric patients are unable to attend class while in treatment because their immune systems are compromised, and a typical classroom environment could be life-threatening. As a result, patients often fall behind in their educational studies during the months and years of treatment.

Pictured L to R: Alan Ikeda, M.D., Chief Medical Officer, Cure 4 The Kids Foundation; Superintendent Dr. Jesus Jara, Clark County School District; Ellen Bordinhao, Janie Strong Foundation; Steve Miller, President & CEO, Andre Agassi Foundation for Education; Annette Logan-Parker, President & CEO, Cure 4 The Kids Foundation, Julie Pippenger, COO, Andre Agassi Foundation for Education