What is Pediatric Oncology?

Pediatric Oncology is the research and treatment of cancer in children and young adults. Cure 4 The Kids specializes on pediatric oncology because the types of cancers that develop in children are often very different from cancers that happen in adults. Our oncologists specialize in treating infants, children, pre-teens and teenagers who have cancer.

Why does childhood cancer occur?

While this is a common question, the answer is not. Sometimes cancer develops as the result of DNA changes in cells early in life and sometimes even before birth. Cancer in children is rarely linked to lifestyles or environmental issues. At Cure 4 The Kids, we are working with Roseman University College of Medicine to discover ways to prevent and cure childhood cancer.

Only the Best

Joint Commission Accreditation is the most stringent in the country

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for medical facilities. Since 2011, we have been Exceeding Industry Standards. This proves our quality of care is at the highest level.  Patient safety and treatment is our top priority and Joint Commission Accreditation is essential to continue to add services for our patients.

Forward Thinking

Ranking #2623 of the fastest growing companies an America.

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The Inc. 5000 is a weekly magazine that publishes stories about small businesses and startups and is a very prestigious honor for growing private businesses and business leaders.

Best Workplace

In 2019, we ranked as #23 among the nation’ top 50 Non Profit organizations

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to work for, by Non Profit Times.  This coveted award is primarily based on employee satisfaction surveys in the following areas:  Leadership and Planning, Culture and Communication, Training, Development and Resources.

Best of Las Vegas

In 2019, we won ‘Best of Las Vegas’ in two categories:

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Best Cancer Treatment Center and Best Charity Event (Circus Couture).


Become a Patient

We believe every child is entitled to the best treatment options that modern science has to offer. This is why we also place a great emphasis on raising money to support access to these trials for all children.