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What is Neuropsychology?

Neuropsychology is the study of the interactions among brain functioning, human behavior, emotions, and thinking skills. It is the investigation of how impairment or injury of the brain leads to changes in a person’s function. Understanding these connections can help a person identify weaknesses, strengths, and ways to live the fullest life. 

Specialized Knowledge

 Neuropsychologists have a doctoral degree in psychology and obtain additional expertise through a 2-year fellowship in neuropsychology. They work in conjunction with a patient’s doctor to diagnose conditions and create a plan to help the patient grow and overcome challenges. This plan may include therapies, medications, and school accommodations.



How do I know if my child needs a neuropsychological evaluation?

At Cure 4 The Kids, our team of doctors and our neuropsychologist work together when determining whether a child should have a neuropsychological evaluation. An evaluation may occur if your child has:

  • A brain injury from trauma to the head, stroke, an infection, or lack of oxygen
  • Medical diagnoses such as genetic disorders, childhood cancer or a catastrophic childhood disease
  • Neurological disorders
  • Problems in their cognitive functioning or failure to make academic progress

What does a Neuropsychological evaluation involve?

A neuropsychological evaluation examines behavior, thinking skills, and social-emotional functioning. The neuropsychologist will work directly one on one with your child and will collaborate with your child’s physician. The tests depend on the skills of the child but typically include tests that measure the following:

  • Intelligence
  • Attention and memory
  • Processing speed
  • Planning and organization
  • Problem-solving
  • Visual perception
  • Language
  • Control of body movements
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Aggressive and impulsive behavior
  • Social skills
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