What is Genetics?

Genetics is the study of how traits such as hair color, eye color, and risks for health problems are inherited or passed from parents to their children. Cancers develop due to changes, called mutations, in genes. Only a small number of cancers are from inherited mutations that are passed down in families.

Specialized Knowledge

Despite their highly specialized knowledge, genetic counselors are an under-recognized resource within the healthcare system. Having the service of genetic counselors to review genetic test orders is a highly specialized area of medicine. In a clinical setting, genetics counselors collaborate with pediatricians and oncologists, to review data and make recommendations.


A Key Part of Medical Diagnosis

Many different types of physicians, such as pediatricians and neurologists, order genetic tests for their patients. However, most of them do not have expertise in genetics. When considering the limited emphasis on genetics in medical schools, the ever-increasing number and complexity of genetic tests, and the limited number of genetic counselors and physician geneticists in the U.S, it is not surprising that genetics counselors are an integral part of the medical diagnosis process.

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