Caring for the whole child...not just the diagnosis.

At Cure 4 The Kids Foundation, our Behavioral Health Team plays a crucial role in our patients’ success. Our team includes a Clinical Neuropsychologist,  a Pediatric Psychologist, two Social Workers, and a Child Life Specialist, all unique to a facility like ours. 

We recognize that mental health is pivotal in navigating challenging situations. We prioritize comprehensive patient support by addressing not only the physical but also the mental and emotional well-being of our patients and their families. By addressing every aspect of a child’s journey, we enhance their quality of life, helping them cope with the emotional challenges that often accompany serious illnesses

Additionally, behavioral health support aids in treatment adherence, helps build a strong family support system for the patient, and allows for early intervention when needed. By integrating these services into the comprehensive care team, Cure 4 The Kids Foundation showcases its commitment to providing comprehensive and patient-centered care, recognizing that a patient’s overall health includes their mental and emotional well-being. 

Patient Experience

What is Neuropsychology?

Neuropsychology is the study of the interactions among brain functioning, human behavior, emotions, and thinking skills. It is the investigation of how impairment or injury of the brain leads to changes in a person’s function. Understanding these connections can help a person identify weaknesses, strengths, and ways to live the fullest life.

Neuropsychologists have a doctoral degree in psychology and obtain additional expertise through a 2-year fellowship in neuropsychology. They work in conjunction with a patient’s doctor to diagnose conditions and create a plan to help the patient grow and overcome challenges. This plan may include therapies, medications, and school accommodations.


How do I know if my child needs a neuropsychological evaluation?

At Cure 4 The Kids, our team of doctors and our neuropsychologist work together when determining whether a child should have a neuropsychological evaluation. An evaluation may occur if your child has:

  • A brain injury from trauma to the head, stroke, an infection, or lack of oxygen
  • Medical diagnoses such as genetic disorders, childhood cancer or a catastrophic childhood disease
  • Neurological disorders
  • Problems in their cognitive functioning or failure to make academic progress

What does a Neuropsychological evaluation involve?

A neuropsychological evaluation examines behavior, thinking skills, and social-emotional functioning. The neuropsychologist will work directly one on one with your child and will collaborate with your child’s physician. The tests depend on the skills of the child but typically include tests that measure the following:

  • Intelligence
  • Attention and memory
  • Processing speed
  • Planning and organization
  • Problem-solving
  • Visual perception
  • Language
  • Control of body movements
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Aggressive and impulsive behavior
  • Social skills

Specialized Patient Programs

What Does a Social Worker Do?

Cure 4 The Kids Foundation has two licensed social workers specific to our patient population and their families.  A social worker provides support and resources for patients and families with a variety of needs including financial and social support, transportation, and education. There are many life changes and stressors that come with a significant medical diagnosis. Social work identifies the needs and targeted assistance for patients and their families. Social work also works closely with community partners to maintain existing services and establish new resources.

Social work
Specialized Patient Programs

Unique Services for Complex Treatments


Most clinics don’t have the luxury to their own Certified Child Life Specialist. At Cure 4 The Kids Foundation, our focus is on pediatric specialized and medically complex treatments and administering these isn’t always easy. Our Child Life specialist is here for every patient and/or family member for guidance and help through the treatment process.  We value the many benefits Child Life Specialists bring to our patients and see it as a necessary component of care and patient experience.  


Helping the Entire Family

Our in-house Child Life Specialist is trained to help your child and family understand and cope with having an illness. From improving care and treatment to providing a better experience for the entire family, our Child-Life Specialist can assist you and your child with:

  • Developmentally appropriate explanations of their diagnosis and treatment
  • Identifying and practicing coping techniques to manage anything difficult related to their treatment
  • Medical play opportunities to increase understanding and coping
  • Non-pharmacological pain management, including the use of Virtual Reality goggles
  • Developmental assessments for children 3 and younger
  • Parenting education and support
  • Sibling education and support
  • Recreational and diversional activities
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Joint Commission Accreditation is the most stringent in the country for medical facilities. Since 2011, we have been Exceeding Industry Standards. This proves our quality of care is at the highest level.  Patient safety and treatment is our top priority and Joint Commission Accreditation is essential to continue to add services for our patients.

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In 2021, we ranked as #4 among the nation’ top 50 Non Profit organizations to work for, by Non Profit Times, moving up 19 places since 2019. This coveted award is primarily based on employee satisfaction surveys in the following areas:  Leadership and Planning, Culture and Communication, Training, Development and Resources.


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We believe every child is entitled to the best treatment options that modern science has to offer. This is why we also place a great emphasis on raising money to support access to these trials for all children.