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High-Quality Medical Care & Treatment for Children

No matter what specialty, our kids have always been our upmost priority.  We strive to meet, and in most areas, exceed the highest standards in patient care & treatment.  Established in 2007, we are proud of the remarkable achievements behind us but still have many more ambitious goals ahead of us, designed to bring more programs and services to the children of Nevada.  As Nevada’s only tax exempt pediatric cancer treatment center, we are thrilled to offer our quality medical care and research opportunities to our community. 

Our DNA is set.  Our business model is proven.  Now, it’s time to disrupt how healthcare is provided, received, and funded when children and their families need it most.

Nevada’s children deserve better.  WE’RE PROUD TO LEAD THE WAY!

Cure 4 The Kids Foundation

Curing cancer and other rare diseases EVERY DAY

Cure 4 The Kids Foundation has taken great care to create an environment that is family friendly and kid-sized. We never forget the patient is a child or adolescent, and that treatments differ drastically from the way an adult would be cared for. We’ve selected board-certified physicians with highly specialized and unique skill sets from some of the most recognized academic establishments in the country. In addition, Cure 4 The Kids Foundation has set up strategic affiliations with centers of excellence around the country to provide what’s needed for Nevada’s children.



Our Care

There are many medical conditions that require specialized treatments that are typically only available in major metropolitan areas — most often within large teaching hospitals. The Specialty Services Clinic at the Cure 4 The Kids Foundation has worked for many years to expand these services into Nevada.

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Through agreements with respected facilities and providers, the Specialty Services Clinic provides access to highly specialized care that would not otherwise be available in the state.


Our Services

In addition to the world-class care you receive at Cure 4 The Kids Foundation, we also have a number of critically important services available to our patients and families.

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We believe every child is entitled to the best treatment options that modern science has to offer. This is why we also place a great emphasis on raising money to support access to these trials for all children.

Looking for Ways to Help?

Cure 4 The Kids is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. Your donations of time or money truly helps save lives.