Nominate a C4K Team Member For Excellent Service


Cure 4 the Kids Foundation proudly announces the implementation of 3 new recognition awards including The DAISY Award, The Bee Award,
and the Sunshine Award. These awards were formed to help us acknowledge our phenomenal team members within our organization that go 
above and beyond for our patients and families.

A DAISY would not be able to grow without the outstanding support from both the SUNSHINE and the BEE. Our nurses could not care
for our patients without the extraordinary support and dedication of every department at C4K. 

Nominate a Nurse for the DAISY Award

What is the DAISY Award?

We have partnered with the  nationally recognized DAISY Foundation Award Recognition Program. This program has been honoring nurses who provide extraordinary and compassionate care to our patients and their families. Expressions of gratitude from you can go a long way in helping nurses cope with their high-stress work environment and help keep burnout and compassion fatigue at bay. Meaningful statements of gratitude like yours do make a difference!

*Honoree Announced in MAY | Nominations due April 1


Recognizing Non-Clinical Staff

What is the Sunshine Award?

The clinical team couldn’t do their part if we didn’t have the support from our other departments. At C4K, every role is mission critical, now is the time to recognize those ‘behind the scenes’ employees who go above and beyond to support our patients and families.  Any of the following roles can be considered for The Sunshine Award: Research, Billing and Accounting, Administration, IT, Health Information Management and Business  Development.

*Honoree Announced in AUGUST | Nominations due July 1


Say Thank You to a Non-Nursing Clinical Staff

What is the BEE Award? Being Excellent Every Day

C4K prides itself on outstanding Patient Experience and Clinical Excellence. Nominees for the BEE Award are those that work within our 3rd floor clinic at Cure 4 The Kids Foundation.  Any of the following clinical (non-nursing) roles: Hematology/Oncology Physicians, Certified Nursing Assistants, Medical Assistants, Behavioral Health Team, Child Life Specialist, New Patient Coordinators, Laboratory, Patient Experience, Learning Center, Facilities, etc.

*Honoree Announced in November | Nominations due October 1