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Nurses are nominated by anyone in the organization – patients, family members, other nurses, physicians, other clinicians and staff – anyone who experiences or observes extraordinary compassionate care being provided by a nurse.

Want to say ‘Thank You’ to a specific nurse at Cure 4 The Kids Foundation.  The Daisy Awards honor the super-human work nurses do for patients and families every day wherever they practice, in whatever role they serve and throughout their careers – from Nursing Student through lifetime achievement.

Alex Bonomolo No Mask
Alex Bonomolo Mask

Alex Bonomolo

Registered Nurse

Alexis Ashford No Mask Hex
Alexis Ashford Mask Hex

Alexis Ashford

Certified Nursing Assistant

Alexis Chaffee No Mask
Alexis Chaffee Mask

Alexis Chaffee

Certified Nursing Assistant

AnnMarie Coching

Registered Nurse

Beth Freese No Mask Hex
Beth Freese Mask Hex


Registered Nurse

Cassie Stamps No Mask
Cassie Stamps Mask

Cassie Stamps

Registered Nurse

Unknown No Mask 5
Unknown Mask 5

Christine Flores

Registered Nurse

Diana Matienzo No Mask Hex
Diana Matienzo Mask Hex

Diana Matienzo

Certified Nursing Assistant

Jackie Garcia No Mas Hex
Jackie Garcia Mask Hex

Jackie Garcia

Clinical Nurse Educator

Jennifer Buitrago No Mask
Jennifer Buitrago Mask

Jennifer Buitrago

Chief Nursing Officer, APRN

Katelyn Shelley No Mask
Katelyn Shelley Mask

Katelyn Shelley

Certified Nursing Assitant

Maureen Nasiak No Mask
Maureen Nasiak Mask

Maureen Nasiak

Registered Nurse

Nikki Rich No Mask
Nikki Rich Mask


Registered Nurse

Robin Diamant No Mask
Robin Diamant Mask

Robyn Diamant

Registered Nurse

Sandra Perez Non Mask
Sandra Perez Mask


Certified Nursing Assistant

Sharon Ramirez

Health Screener

Stephanie Allen No Mask
Stephanie Allen Mask

Stephanie Allen

Registered Nurse

Unknown 3 No Mask
Unknown 3 Mask

Stephanie Byrd

Nurse Administrator for the Office of the CNO

Tamara Saldana No Mask
Tamara Saldana Mask

Tamara Saldana

Manager, Clinical Services & Quality

Tammy Roe no mask
Tammy Roe mask


Registered Nurse

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