Patient Care Coordinator (Las Vegas)

The Cure4TheKids Accountability Creed

We are reliable, trustworthy and act with integrity

  • We stand ready to be counted upon to do the right thing for the health and highest interest of our patients, our team and for the organization.
  • We own and are responsible for our actions and outcomes.
  • We take responsibility for our own work and efforts and do not assign cause or blame toward others for the results we are generating.
  • We hold ourselves accountable for the Patient Experience. We are answerable as individuals and team members for all interactions our patients have with our organization, we are in charge of patient perceptions, across the continuum of care we provide.

We are transparent and open in our communication both individually and as a team.

  • We are open and respectful in our communication. We do not speak poorly of others and bring our challenges and grievances openly to our team and manager.

We are responsible for doing our part for patient outcomes through continuous quality improvement and service excellence

  • We are focused on personal, professional and clinical excellence and improving our skills and awareness as a contributing team member. We are open to feedback and training to improve ourselves and the organization.

If you said yes to all of these questions and feel you can add to our culture, please keep reading…

Important/Critical to the interview process to be considered for our team:

The following Accountability Creed is a crucial part of our culture and interview process. We consider our initial interactions as a mutual interview. Are you right for us and are we right for you. Be prepared to speak about how you feel about being part of a culture that embodies this creed. If in the initial phone interview, when you are asked to share your thoughts about the Accountability Creed, if you are unclear or do not recall reading it, you will not proceed in the interview process.


Are you an exceptional Patient Care Coordinator who absolutely thrives on being part of an accountable team? Can you dedicate yourself to being part of a team serving the needs of children and their families? Do you bring the highest standards of integrity and professionalism to your team? Do you thrive in an environment where you are valued and appreciated for who you are, how hard you work and for that something special you bring to the teams you choose to work with? Are you looking for an organization that offers competitive compensation and one of the broadest and most comprehensive benefit packages available in the field of healthcare?

This is a role that requires a multi-disciplinary team approach to solving problems and patient challenges. We frown upon elitists who often use the phrase "that's not my job" or "someone else can do it". The primary goal is to bring the best patient care and experience for our area's sickest children, not about feeding anyone's ego.


Duties typically include but are not limited to the following:

  • Scheduler shall, at all times, obey the medical chain of command when functioning in any capacity while at C4K.
  • Works closely with C4K Physicians to coordinate chemo orders, infusions, and sick visits.
  • Provides phone call messages that require a medical decision (i.e. same day appointment vs direct ER admit).
  • Oversight of patient messages to Providers.
  • Coordinates orders with Providers and exercises due diligence to ensure orders/referrals are implemented in a timely manner.
  • Liaison between Providers, parent, and health care entities.
  • Identifies patients that may become at risk due to; chronic missed appointments, rescheduled appointments, or inconsistencies in bringing the child in for treatment.  After two missed appointments the Provider must be notified using a patient messaging system; these cases must continue to be monitored for the duration of treatment.
  • Responds to Provider requests and perform other duties as needed.
  • Maintain close communication with the Director of Patient Experience.

Infusion Scheduling:  The Infusion/Sedation scheduler communicates, books and notifies the physician and/or nursing staff if necessary of the patients scheduled infusion. Scheduling infusions are based off the Infusion Organizer document (*See Infusion Organizer doc) with exceptions to provider preference.

Sedation Scheduling: The Infusion/Sedation scheduler communicates, books and notifies the physician and/or nursing staff if necessary of the patients scheduled Lumbar Puncture (with or without Sedation), Bone Marrow (with or without Biopsy), and Joint Injection or drainage (with or without sedation). Scheduling Procedures are based off the Infusion Organizer document (*See Infusion Organizer doc).

Administrative Assisting: The Infusion/Sedation scheduler is to abide by the Infusion Organizer for guidelines to setting up appointments for patients. The Infusion/Sedation scheduler is to abide by the set time frame of medication infusion times that are directed in accordance to the Infusion organizer document. The Infusion/Sedation scheduler is to mandate AM and PM appointments based on Infusion Organizer document. Any changes outside of the Infusion Organizer must be approved by a provider.

Scope of Practice

  • Infusion/Sedation scheduler is to function within their designated certificate or degree. If the personnel is a Certified Nurse’s Assistant (CNA) or a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) they are to abide by the Nevada State Board of Nursing Scope of Practice. If the personnel is a Medical Assistant (MA) the American Medical Technologist schedules the exam processes.  

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