New Patient Coordinator (Las Vegas)

The Cure4TheKids Accountability Creed

We are reliable, trustworthy and act with integrity

  • We stand ready to be counted upon to do the right thing for the health and highest interest of our patients, our team and for the organization.
  • We own and are responsible for our actions and outcomes.
  • We take responsibility for our own work and efforts and do not assign cause or blame toward others for the results we are generating.
  • We hold ourselves accountable for the Patient Experience. We are answerable as individuals and team members for all interactions our patients have with our organization, we are in charge of patient perceptions, across the continuum of care we provide.

We are transparent and open in our communication both individually and as a team.

  • We are open and respectful in our communication. We do not speak poorly of others and bring our challenges and grievances openly to our team and manager.

We are responsible for doing our part for patient outcomes through continuous quality improvement and service excellence

  • We are focused on personal, professional and clinical excellence and improving our skills and awareness as a contributing team member. We are open to feedback and training to improve ourselves and the organization.

If you said yes to all of these questions and feel you can add to our culture, please keep reading…

Important/Critical to the interview process to be considered for our team:

The following Accountability Creed is a crucial part of our culture and interview process. We consider our initial interactions as a mutual interview. Are you right for us and are we right for you. Be prepared to speak about how you feel about being part of a culture that embodies this creed. If in the initial phone interview, when you are asked to share your thoughts about the Accountability Creed, if you are unclear or do not recall reading it, you will not proceed in the interview process.


Are you an exceptional New Patient Coordinator who absolutely thrives on being part of an accountable team? Can you dedicate yourself to being part of a team serving the needs of children and their families? Do you bring the highest standards of integrity and professionalism to your team? Do you thrive in an environment where you are valued and appreciated for who you are, how hard you work and for that something special you bring to the teams you choose to work with? Are you looking for an organization that offers competitive compensation and one of the broadest and most comprehensive benefit packages available in the field of healthcare?

This is a role that requires a multi-disciplinary team approach to solving problems and patient challenges. We frown upon elitists who often use the phrase "that's not my job" or "someone else can do it". The primary goal is to bring the best patient care and experience for our area's sickest children, not about feeding anyone's ego.


The primary objective of this position is to create the ultimate “New Patient” experience; one that is unforgettable to our patients and their parents. This is to be accomplished through specific activities that build a strong relationship of trust with our patients and their families from their very first contact with our facility. The New Patient Coordinator position is responsible for reducing patients/parents initial stress associated with a referral to our facility and providing a smooth efficient first encounter in person or by phone.

This position is responsible for assisting all new patients and their families at Cure 4 The Kids Foundation with services including: gathering new referral information, verification of benefits and eligibility, registering and scheduling patients and providing orientation to the center, as well as offering above and beyond customer service to ensure a positive patient experience.

This position supports the business office and clinic team by working in partnership to ensure the best possible client/patient experience by meticulously addressing every detail of the first patient visit. Exceptional customer service to both external and internal customers is required. This is a non-exempt position that reports directly to the Patient Experience Manager.



Performs routine administrative and clerical tasks required to establish new patients in the center in order to keep the office and physicians and other health practitioners running smoothly; while offering a high level of customer services.

New patient coordinator duties may include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Organizing all incoming new referrals and triage the need for urgent and/or STAT referrals by maintaining the approved scheduling template in AllScripts. Referrals are received via fax, electronically, or phone call to 702-732-3330. “New Patient” fax queue must be maintained at all times.
  • Responsible for promptly answering the “new patient phone line” and returning all messages left on the “new patient phone line” immediately to rapidly guide referring offices as well as parents through the referral process.
  • Responsible for retrieving required medical records such as demographics, notes, labs, scans, and pathology from the referring physician’s office; gathering the patients’ insurance and/or authorization for the appointment, per protocol. Must have authorization to request medical records from outside providers.
  • Distribute all new patient paperwork to the patients/parents by mail or provide instruction on the website forms section (if applicable) within a 24-hour period.
  • Submit referrals to Medical Director or designee for review and keep an ongoing list of patients’ medical records that have been sent for review.
  • Monitor and maintain the @yourservice and Par8o provider portal for incoming referrals and authorizations.
  • Manage the discharge list for new patients; collect clinical notes, insurance information, and authorization if required.
  • Ensure insurance eligibility and medical benefits information if on file and obtain authorization for the appointment when required; assist eligibility team if unavailable.
  • Alert Patient Advocate if the patient is uninsured.
  • Answer all new patient/parent/guardian questions during the intake interview. Provide map and/or directions to our facility, contact information, and what to expect during their first visit.
  • Scheduling appointments.
  • Follow up with referring physicians and keep them informed as to the status of their referral if unable to schedule.
  • Responsible for accurately scanning all received records into AllScripts EHR/PM.
  • Other duties as required to ensure that the new patient and incoming referral process runs efficiently.

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