Medical Laboratory Technician (Las Vegas)

Are you an exceptional Medical Laboratory Technician who absolutely thrives on being part of an accountable team? Can you dedicate yourself to being part of a team serving the needs of children and their families? Do you bring the highest standards of integrity and professionalism to your team? Do you thrive in an environment where you are valued and appreciated for who you are, how hard you work and for that something special you bring to the teams you choose to work with? Are you looking for an organization that offers competitive compensation and one of the broadest and most comprehensive benefit packages available in the field of healthcare?

This is a role that requires a multi-disciplinary team approach to solving problems and patient challenges. "That's not my job" or "someone else can do it" is not in our team vocabulary because we are here to be of support to each other. The primary goal is to bring the best patient care and experience for our area's children.

Under the general supervision of the director of laboratory services or designee performs laboratory tests demonstrating understanding of normal ranges due to pediatric populations. Performs automated, semi-automated and manual procedures in the fields of hematology, coagulation, serology, chemistry, urinalysis, immunology, and immunohematology according to established procedures and policies. Reports results according to established professional standards, following interpretation, verification and validation of procedures. Works actively and is cooperative with nursing and other clinic staff to ensure timely patient care. Assists with regulatory compliance.

a) Medical Laboratory Technician (MLT) will conduct laboratory tests, procedures, experiments, and analyses to provide data for diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of disease.
b) Medical Laboratory Technician will analyze bodily fluids such as blood, urine, and spinal fluid to determine the presence of normal and abnormal components.
c) Medical Laboratory Technician will utilize standard procedures for the maintenance of positive patient identification? record appropriate collection information on proper requisitions.
d) Operates and maintains laboratory equipment used in blood analysis and procedures.
e) Performing other clinical functions as delegated and supervised by the Laboratory Director or Designee.


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