Maintenance Technician (Las Vegas)


Are you an exceptional and experienced Maintenance Technician who absolutely thrives on being part of an accountable team contributing to the health and safety of the children we see every day at our clinic?

Do you like to be busy and want to be part of a fast-paced and accountable team? Can you dedicate yourself to being part of a team serving the needs of children and their families? Do you bring a high standard of integrity and work ethic to your team? Do you thrive in an environment where you are valued and appreciated for who you are, how hard you work, and for that something special you bring to the teams you choose to work with? Are you looking for an organization that offers competitive compensation and one of the broadest and most comprehensive benefit packages available in the field of healthcare?

The primary goal of every team member is to bring the best patient care and experience for our area's sickest children. If you feel inspired by what you have read so far, read on.


Responsible for managing day-to-day needs of the organization. Implements and maintains policies and goals that support the organization's needs. The Maintenance Technician focuses on promoting a safe, functional, and supportive environment within the organization so that quality and safety are preserved.

Maintenance Technician primary duties typically include but are not limited to the following:

a) Be proactive in maintaining a clinical and office facility that is neat, clean and provides a safe environment for our patients, visitors and staff. Performing regular cleaning, upkeep and maintenance, occasional repairs and renovations that are vital to smooth operations.
b) Assemble and move furniture and set-up equipment; hang pictures and other general handyperson duties.
c) Support and maintain medical equipment and devices. Monitor tickets and schedule inspections and routine maintenance.
d) Completes work order tickets submitted through the Grapevine in a timely manner
e) Perform routine checks and update logs to include: fire extinguisher tag checks, generator operation, eye wash, air scrubbers and oxygen system.
f) Work directly with vendors to coordinate deliveries and pick up (linens, hazardous waste, etc.).
g) Work directly with contractors to coordinate and supervise installations, modifications, renovations and inspections.
h) Replaces and cleans air scrubber filters as scheduled or needed.
i) Follows instructions regarding the use of chemicals and supplies. Use as directed.
j) Performs general maintenance, including light drywall repair, painting, patching, and light floor waxing.
k) Utilizes varied skill sets in their work; this generally consists of regular inspections to identify problems or hazards within the workplace.
l) Submit tickets to building owner for building related issues, follow up on tickets to ensure completion.
m) Schedules routine cleanings, waxing, etc. with vendors to maintain cleanliness. (chair cleaning, floor cleaning and/or waxing, etc.)
n) Serves as point of contact for deliveries at the loading dock and unloads and stores items in the appropriate areas.
o) Attends to emergencies when necessary.
p) Attend and participates in meetings when necessary or required. Participates in ongoing infection prevention and control trainings.
q) Takes any classes necessary or required, including classes for cleaning methods and techniques and new products.
r) Complete RCRA Hazardous Waste Management training annually and keep certification current.
s) Supports and enforces all policies, OSHA rules, safety regulations and guidelines.
t) Participate in infection prevention and control training.
u) Performs related duties as required.

Secondary responsibilities:

a) Provides backup support for the Clinical Facilities Technician when they are out
b) Supports custodial functions when Environmental Services team members are absent, including cleaning bathrooms and exam rooms, vacuuming, mopping, dusting, trash collection and removal, etc.. May also be requested to assist with cleaning of exam rooms during high volume patient days in clinic.
c) Maintains the chemical list and ensures chemicals being used are listed on the Safety Data Sheets in conjunction with the Clinical Facilities Technician.


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