Behavioral Health Counselor (Las Vegas)


When you help a child smile, does this warm your heart?

When you help a child express their authentic self and know they are heard and understood, does this bring you fulfillment?

Do you have a calling to work with children battling cancer and other catastrophic illnesses?

If you answered yes to these three questions, we would love to hear from you.

Cure 4 The Kids Foundation is seeking one awesome Behavioral Health Counselor for rewarding work with children and families battling cancer and other complex medical conditions. Responsibilities include providing empirically supported psychotherapeutic techniques and interventions to children and families such as CBT, parenting, behavior therapies, relaxation strategies, play, and interactive therapies. We work as a team to minimize the impact of illness on children and families while helping them increase their coping skills. We have an amazing therapeutic play space and daily opportunities to interact with children and our clinical team in exam rooms during medical visits as needed.

The Cure4TheKids Accountability Creed

We are reliable, trustworthy and act with integrity

  • We stand ready to be counted upon to do the right thing for the health and highest interest of our patients, our team and for the organization.
  • We own and are responsible for our actions and outcomes.
  • We take responsibility for our own work and efforts and do not assign cause or blame toward others for the results we are generating.
  • We hold ourselves accountable for the Patient Experience. We are answerable as individuals and team members for all interactions our patients have with our organization, we are in charge of patient perceptions, across the continuum of care we provide.

We are transparent and open in our communication both individually and as a team.

  • We are open and respectful in our communication. We do not speak poorly of others and bring our challenges and grievances openly to our team and manager.

We are responsible for doing our part for patient outcomes through continuous quality improvement and service excellence

  • We are focused on personal, professional and clinical excellence and improving our skills and awareness as a contributing team member. We are open to feedback and training to improve ourselves and the organization.

If you said yes to all of these questions and feel you can add to our culture, please keep reading…

Important/Critical to the interview process to be considered for our team:

The following Accountability Creed is a crucial part of our culture and interview process. We consider our initial interactions as a mutual interview. Are you right for us and are we right for you? Be prepared to speak about how you feel about being part of a culture that embodies this creed. If in the initial phone interview, when you are asked to share your thoughts about the Accountability Creed, if you are unclear or do not recall reading it, you will not proceed in the interview process.


  • Use of empirically supported therapy techniques and interventions that are tailored to the presenting problem including but not limited to:
      1. Play therapy interventions
      1. Behavioral and parenting interventions
      1. Cognitive-behavioral therapy
  • Provide interdisciplinary in-service education to staff on child development, the impact of illness on patients and families, and therapeutic interventions
  • Counsel children, adolescents, individuals, and families, individually or in groups sessions, to assist them in managing their medical and life situations
  • Engage pediatric patients and families in developmentally appropriate activities to support coping and compliance during treatment
  • Assess and document patient's developmental level, emotional state, understanding of hospitalization and procedures using informal and/or formal assessment techniques
  • Guide patients and families in the development of skills and strategies for coping with their medical and life problems
  • Assist patients and families with relaxation techniques to decrease stress, increase coping skills, and increase cooperation during tests and procedures
  • Prepares patients and families for procedure/treatment(s) using developmentally appropriate explanations
  • Provide diversional activities in clinic based on individual capabilities and needs
  • Provide education and information to enhance parental understanding of health care system and resources
  • Collaborate with other staff members to perform clinical assessments and develop treatment plans.
  • Refer clients or family members to community resources or to specialists as necessary.
  • Participate in appropriate meetings and committees
  • Involvement in community outreach partnerships
  • Document clinical services in the electronic medical record
  • Participate in appropriate meetings and committee

Salary range: $50K-$70K

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