The most important thing you can do as a childhood cancer survivor is stay healthy. That’s why we created the Storybook Homes Long-Term Follow-Up Clinic For Childhood Cancer Survivors at the Children’s Specialty Center of Nevada.


Thanks to a generous gift from the principals of Storybook Homes, Wayne and Catherine Laska, the Long-Term Follow-Up Clinic is intended to help survivors — no matter where they received their treatment— stay healthy far into adulthood.


The Laska family made a $500,000 donation to the clinic as a result of the experience with their son’s late-effects.  Learn more about their story here:

This is particularly important for childhood cancer survivors, as many of the treatments that allow patients to beat cancer can also lead to specific health complications in the future - often referred to as “late effects.” 

The Storybook Homes Long-Term Follow-Up Clinic for Childhood Cancer Survivors will educate each patient on specific risks from their treatments such as chemotherapy, radiation and surgery. Knowing these possible risks will allow patients to better monitor their health, address any complications early, and live a healthy and informed life.

Every patient of the Long-Term Follow-Up clinic will undergo a comprehensive visit and be seen by the following staff:
• Board-Certified Pediatric Hematology-Oncology provider
• Pediatric Neuropsychologist
• Social Worker
• Education Specialist

We provide health monitoring specific to your needs, based on a number of factors, including:
• Medical Exam
• Risk of Long-Term “late-effects”
• Type of treatment received
• Age
• Gender

After utilizing the clinic, each patient will receive an important binder which details the specific cancer treatments each patient received, as well as the possible future health risks those treatments may cause. This information is intended to make the patient aware of any possible risks, and to be shared with future medical providers who can also monitor for these health concerns.


Patients are eligible for Long-Term Follow-Up services two years after their final cancer treatment. To make an appointment at the Long-Term Follow-Up Clinic, or for additional information, call (702) 732-1493.

As a program of Cure 4 The Kids Foundation, our services are provided to patients with and without medical insurance and to those patients unable to pay for treatment. Our goal is that no patient is turned away from treatment for financial reasons. Click here for additional information on the Charity Care Program. 

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