Cure 4 the Kids Foundation believes all children deserve the chance for recovery and to receive the latest and most current treatment protocols for diseases such as cancer.

That was the idea of our founders, when they decided to create Cure 4 The Kids Foundation back in 2007. They saw firsthand the outcome of many children facing a life threatening health crisis was often determined solely by the amount of medical insurance coverage, or lack thereof.

The Charity Care Plan ensures children from families without the financial resources to pay for care, or without medical insurance, also receive the medical attention that will save their lives. Cure 4 the Kids Foundation wouldn't have it any other way.

If you have specific questions about the Charity Care Program and whether you might qualify, we highly recommend that you contact our Patient Advocate, Teresa Melvin at or  (702) 862-4221.

For a list of the 2016 income, click here: Cure 4 The Kids Foundation Charity Care Plan Income Levels 2016

(This will help guide you as to the percentage of charges you will be responsible for and the amount of your co-pay. We strongly suggest you contact Teresa either by email or phone for specific information related to your specific circumstance.)