About Us

Our vision is simple. We want to be the community leader in advancing the treatment and prevention of catastrophic diseases in children. We place a particular emphasis on helping those affected by childhood cancer, childhood rheumatic diseases and patients with inherited bleeding disorders.

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We do this by creating an environment that is family-friendly and kid sized. We never forget the patient is a child, and that  treatments differ drastically from the way an adult would be cared for.  We’ve selected doctors with highly specialized and unique skill sets from some of the most recognized academic establishments in the country. In addition, we’ve set up strategic affiliations with centers of excellence around the country to provide what’s needed by Nevada’s children.

It’s scientifically proven that children who take part in clinical trials have a much higher rate of survival.  That’s one reasons research is so important to us and why we encourage and participate in those trials.  However, they are expensive. They also require additional diagnostic work, monitoring and education.  Sadly the most vulnerable type of cancer patient, the uninsured, has limited access to these life-saving clinical trials. We believe every child is entitled to the best treatment options that modern science has to offer. This is why we also place a great emphasis on raising money to support access to these trials for all children.

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