Children’s Specialty Center


The Children’s Specialty Center of Nevada, formerly called Children’s Center for Cancer and Blood Diseases of Las Vegas, was established in September of 2006 by Dr. Jonathan Bernstein. The goal was to create Nevada’s first non-profit, multi-disciplinary childhood cancer center. A place where children receive specialized medical care and have access to clinical trials regardless of their parents ability to pay for services.

Children are unique individuals with their own specialized needs. Never is this more evident than when a child needs health care–whether it is highly specialized chemotherapy to treat a pediatric malignancy, a simple blood test to diagnose a bleeding disorder, an immunization or preventative care.

Children need vastly different health care than adults. A child’s care must focus on their special needs, involve their parents from the start and be provided in a place designed to be kid-sized and child friendly. Because they are growing and developing, children’s health care needs are constantly changing. They need extra time, extra monitoring, specialized medications and care givers with special skills and compassion in understanding the needs of children with complex medical conditions.

Our specialized care combines compassionate and personal care with the world’s most sophisticated technology and experience. We are devoted to make sick children well.

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