Save the Date!

We’re planning our second Tea Party fundraiser to support the Long-Term Follow-Up Clinic for childhood cancer survivors!

It’ll happen on Saturday, April 15, 2017, in the Palm Room at the Four Seasons Las Vegas. We’ll have ticket information coming soon!

This event will be the second Tea Party fundraiser to support Nevada's only clinic created specifically for childhood cancer survivors. Why is this important?

The treatments that allow most childhood cancer patients to survive, (chemotherapy, surgery, and radiation) can sometimes have side effects ( or “late effects”) years down the road. The Long-Term Follow-Up (LTFU) Clinic provides annual exams and helps each patient understand their specific risks, so they are aware of any future and possible health concerns.

In addition, the LTFU Clinic provides each patient with a medical history binder. (Some patients consider this one of the most important aspects of the LTFU!) It spells out the specific treatment each patient went through, as well as possible future side effects. As time marches on, many childhood cancer survivors may not always remember treatment details or possible side effects 25 years in the future. This permanent record is designed to be shared with future medical providers --no matter what city, state or country in which they reside -- so they too can be aware of a patient's detailed health history.

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