Circus Couture is a Las Vegas charity raising money for pediatric cancer research and treatment through exciting circus, fashion, and art events. If you haven’t noticed by now, Las Vegas is filled with talented and community minded artists, performers, designers and other staff who make their living in many of the well-known shows on the Las Vegas Strip. For more than seven years, Circus Couture has benefited Cure 4 The Kids Foundation and its Charity Care Program.  This fund allows patients who are in need of medical treatment to receive it — even if the patient is without medical insurance or without the ability to pay for treatment.



Las Vegas is a city built on entertainment but it is also a community with a heart. Circus Couture's roster of volunteers and performers reads like a who's who in circus entertainment. Gracing our stage are world champions, circus royalty, and performing gems from across the globe. These artists create acts specifically for Circus Couture and donate their talents simply because they share our dream of a healthy future for kids. The Las Vegas circus community is as rich in compassion as it is in talent. As our troupe blows your mind with seemingly impossible feats, let them warm your heart with the reason for their performance. It's all about the kids… It's very likely that a world champion set up the chair you'll sit in to enjoy the show. If Ringling Brothers claims to be the greatest show on earth, Circus Couture might claim to be the kindest. 



New York, London, LA, Hong Kong, Paris, and Las Vegas? People-watch in casinos on The Strip on a Saturday night and you'll see a veritable runway of the latest fashions. Las Vegas has its finger on the pulse of what's hot in fashion and Circus Couture is a Las Vegas charity through and through. In addition to current brand name fashions, our event features our signature "Circus Couture" runway. Featuring the wildest, most over the top, avant-garde fashions Las Vegas designers can dream up, the Circus Couture runway is a showcase for the creativity and madness at the heart of this community. 2010’s final runway look was made of over 80 yards of fabric and inspired by the words "Rock and Roll" and “Cupcake.” To tell you to expect surprises is an understatement.



Paint to canvas, hands to clay, light to film, and beauty captured in time. The brilliance our circus performers have to offer in motion, our artists bring to life in the medium of stillness. No Revolution would be complete without art. From the pointed messages of propaganda to the intellectual transformation of the Renaissance, art captures our history and allows it to live in perpetuity. Circus Couture invites you to feast your eyes and decorating desires on our gallery of donated fine art for auction. Featuring a variety of work from prominent local and national artists, paintings, sculpture, lithographs, photography, and a few surprises will be available for admiration and purchase. Take home a piece of Circus Couture and help us relegate pediatric cancer to the pages of history.



Circus Couture is looking for sponsors, donations, performers, models, fine art donations and volunteers.

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Circus Couture 2013 “Possession(s)



Circus Couture 2012 “86 Peculiar Place”


Circus Couture 2011 “Revolution”


Circus Couture 2010 “Incognito”