Posted by Eric on Nov 14, 2017

We would like to pass along a big congratulations to Dr. Bello!

Dr. Bello is our in-house neuropsychologist. It is a highly specialized area within the fields of psychology. She has expertise in the study of brain-behavior relationships and can also perform neurocognitive evaluations for our patients. 

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There are many awareness months which we observe throughout the year.  The purpose of these campaigns — often tied to a particular disease or condition — are to increase the general public’s knowledge and perhaps create some understanding for those affected.


A little background:


Sickle Cell Awareness Month was first officially recognized by the federal government in 1983.  (Proclamation 5102 on September 21, 1983 by President Ronald Reagan)

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We came across this illustration from the Coalition Against Childhood Cancer (of which we are a proud member) showing some of the incredible advances in the survivability of childhood cancer since the 1970s. These advances would not have been possible without the support, hard work, and dedication of physicians, researchers, patients, families and many others.

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Jeramy Logan has been a fixture around our clinics since … well, just about the beginning. It’s been great to watch him take initiative and advance in his career over the years. Not too long ago, Jeramy became a Registered Nurse, so a big congrats to him!  He also has some other letters after his name, which he explains a bit later in this post.

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As part of the mission of Cure 4 The Kids Foundation, we strive to educate all members of the community when it comes to the patients we serve. We want to provide accurate medical information that will benefit everyone in the community, not just our patients.


A good example of this is a recent presentation Dr. Nik Abdul Rashid made to school nurses and other medical staff working in the Clark County School District.  The purpose of Dr. Rashid’s discussion was to provide a brief overview of the basics of sickle cell disease, its symptoms, treatment, and other related issues. 

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Posted by Eric on Apr 28, 2017


Any baseball fans out there? 


If so, we’ve got a great opportunity you may be interested in!  


The Reno Aces baseball team is joining with the Hemophilia Treatment Center of Nevada to raise money so we can send more of our young clients with bleeding disorders to Camp Independent...

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