Posted by greg cullen on Feb 25, 2012

Linda is one of our wonderful representatives in the business office.  We asked her to share a bit of her story …

I began working with the Cure 4 The Kids Foundation and the Children’s Specialty Center in January of 2011.  It was a major change for me!  I had been involved in the construction industry for more than 32 years.  Taking the position at Cure 4 The Kids Foundation was a refreshing change and I felt, in my own way, I was doing my best to help those facing a life threatening challenge.  It was an enlightening transformation. Little did I know how much of a transformation was coming my way.

In March of this year I was diagnosed with breast cancer.  Hearing those words remains one of the most frightening things I think I’ve ever heard.  I kept saying to myself that everything happens for a reason, right?  I  couldn’t discount the irony, or is it coincidence, of the fact that I was working at a clinic that treats children facing cancer.  Now, all of a sudden, I was facing the same fears and concerns of all the parents and patients who come through our doors.

Friends from the Hemophilia Treatment Center wanted Linda to have this bear as a constant reminder of everyone’s support at her desk.

Being near the clinic has made all the difference to me.  Dr. B has made phone calls to other doctors regarding my care, as he’s done for many of our kids. Others whose opinions I respect have helped me make choices about the doctors I see and about my care.

Linda with her co-worker Priscilla — a 3 year survivor of breast cancer, and a friend.

A co-worker who is a 3-year cancer survivor has helped me so very much.  All have been there to explain all the questions I have about the course of my treatment—and there have been many. I won’t lie to you, some days have been very tough.

This is a photo of Priscilla after she lost her hair as a result of her treatment for breast cancer. Linda keeps this photo at her desk as a source of inspiration.

But through it all I keep thinking—I am so lucky and thankful to be at the Specialty Center surrounded by caring and talented people.  It also makes me think how strong and brave many of our little warriors  are who are undergoing treatment just like me.