Posted by Mitch on Apr 06, 2016

We’ve done many fundraisers, but this will be our first official tea party.  If you haven’t heard, we are throwing a Mad Hatter themed tea party on April 16 at the Palm Lounge inside the Four Seasons Las Vegas.


It’s a benefit for the Long-Term Follow-Up Clinic for Childhood Cancer Survivors, which is the only clinic of its kind in Nevada. We know that helping kids be cancer free is only part of what we do. We want to give all our patients and those who may have been treated at other clinics, the best chance possible for a long and healthy life!


Sometimes the chemotherapy, the surgery or the radiation that helped our kids survive cancer can cause side effects later in life. That’s why the Long-Term Follow-Up Clinic is so important.  Every patient will be seen by Dr. Walsh and, in addition, every patient’s case is reviewed by a team of experts including an education specialist, social worker and neuropsychologist.


Find out more about our Long-Term Follow-Up Clinic: 

Best of all, every patient is presented with a personalized binder.  It includes a summary of the treatment each patient had, as well as a list of potential side effects to be aware of.  This binder is so important!  In 10 or 20 years, this binder can be presented to a doctor  - anywhere - who will understand all of what a patient has gone through, and what should be of special concern. It’s the kind of information you may forget over the years, which is why we feel it’s important to present a binder to each patient.


Lots of fun is planned for our tea party, including some very special auction items.  Many of our kids spent some time at Color Me Mine! recently and created some special pottery.  Take a look at some of the creations! They will be “fired” and then up for sale at the event.


Tea cup and saucer decoration event:

Tea party tickets and information are available here: