Posted by Mitch on Feb 10, 2015

The next time you stop by the Children’s Specialty Center or the Hemophilia Treatment Center you may see a new face!  Actually, at the rate we’re growing, you may see a several!
For the first time in our history we have our own in-house psychologist and neuropsychologist!   Danielle Bello, Ph.D., officially started on February 2, 2015 and we’re glad to have her join us.
No matter which specialized medical treatment our patients are seen for, we know it puts a lot of stress on the patient as well as their families. We always want to do what we can to lessen that stress as much as possible. We also know that some treatments can affect thinking skills, memory, attention and problem solving abilities and we want to address those issues too.  Dr. Bello will help assess the academic performance of patients with varying medical illnesses and her evaluations will help patients obtain additional services within and outside of school.  
We think this is a particularly important issue that needed to be addressed, we’re happy to bring Dr. Bello aboard!
Now … the things not necessarily on the resume:
She was born and raised in New York, specifically the Long Island and Queens areas but has been in the desert of Southern Nevada since 2003.  Among her travels was an eight month period living in London. That’s where she developed a love of hot tea with milk and a sweet tooth! Nowadays, her desert living has helped her adapt to a spicier palate and she can handle green chili stew. But if someone asks her favorite type of food .. it’ll always be Italian. (Mangia!)
She got into the psychology field after working in finance. After work, she found herself volunteering at various children’s nonprofits and really enjoying the feeling of helping others. She also was in charge of coordinating volunteers at her college sorority.  Those experiences helped make a change.  She eventually entered a master’s program in psychology at New York University and from there was exposed to the specialty of neuropsychology. She focused her interests on Ph.D. programs specializing in neuropsychology.


She is really looking forward to getting started and investigating various opportunities that will help our patients. She sees a lot of potential in our growing organization.