Posted by Mitch on May 14, 2015

Sometimes you have to look back to see how far you’ve come, right? Here’s one illustration of just how much we’ve grown over the last three years.

Back in 2012, we took up about 15,409 square feet of space in our current building on Maryland Parkway, North of Desert Inn. We were on two different floors at that time.

Now, we’ve expanded to three floors and take up a combined 27,447 square feet of space. That’s not quite double, but almost! In a short three year time frame, that’s a lot of planning, moving, organizing, changing and construction.

We know at times the growing process has been a pain. We’ve always asked you to be patient during our growth process and we believe short term inconvenience is worth the end result.

Here are a few of the coming improvements and our more recent additions:

  • This summer we will bring the first full-time, Nevada-based board certified pediatric neuro-oncologist into our practice. Brain tumors are the second most common type of childhood cancer and our new physician will specialize in the diagnosis, treatment and follow-up care for brain tumor patients - malignant and non-malignant.
  • Also this summer we plan to begin our pediatric palliative program. The state of Nevada has no comprehensive outpatient-based pediatric palliative program. That means a significant number of Nevada families whose children have a life-limiting condition are not getting the support they need.
  • Our first full-time, in-house licensed psychologist and neuropsychologist. That’s Dr Bello!
  • We’ve become part of the Pacific Sickle Cell Regional Collaborative to help improve treatment for those affected by sickle cell disease. (We’ve treated sickle cell patients from the very beginning, but this program links us with treatment centers up and down the West coast and increases the sharing of information between physicians on new treatments, better treatments and more.)
  • We’ve added our Long-Term Follow-Up clinic for childhood cancer survivors to help keep this group healthy the rest of their lives and aware of any side effects their treatment may have years down the road.

What has not changed is our commitment to the families of Nevada (and beyond). Cure 4 The Kids Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit which provides services through the Children’s Specialty Center of Nevada and the Hemophilia Treatment Center of Nevada for those with and without medical insurance coverage and regardless of a family’s ability to pay for treatment.