Posted by greg cullen on Apr 24, 2013

It seems there are a plethora of Top Doc/Best Doctors lists, or is it just me?

Dr. Jonathan Bernstein is founder and medical director of Cure 4 The Kids Foundation

Dr. Jonathan Bernstein is founder and medical director of Cure 4 The Kids Foundation

Regardless, we are very fortunate that one name seems to keep showing up on these lists!  Jonathan Bernstein, MD.

Or as we know him,  Dr. B.

The latest example comes to us in Vegas Seven Magazine in their Best Doctors list.  Dr. B is again named one of the top Hematology/Oncology doctors in the Las Vegas Valley.   Congrats to Dr B!

You can find a link to the magazine’s special edition here.   To see the list of Hematology/Oncology doctors, including Dr. B,  you can gohere.

Just today we received a nice letter of congratulations sent to Dr. B from the Clark County Medical Society, click here to see it.

Having specialists on a list like this isn’t just good for the doctors, or for Cure 4 The Kids Foundation– it’s good for all of us in the community. We never know when we, or someone we know, will be in need of a doctor with this particular specialized training.

If it isn’t obvious by now, Dr. B has always been an outstanding provider and humanitarian in our eyes.  As founder of Cure 4 The Kids Foundation he has made it his mission to bring Board Certified Pediatric Specialists to Las Vegas and Reno so patients can receive the best care in their own community.  It wasn’t so long ago that children facing major diseases such as cancer, tumors, rheumatological conditions, rare and ultra rare diseases and genetic conditions were forced to travel out of state to receive treatment.   Dr. B and Cure 4 The Kids Foundation have made it their mission to bring specialists to our community, and we are seeing the results before our eyes.  A few examples:

  • Dr. Alan Ikeda is the Director of Oncology at the Children’s Specialty Center of Nevada — one of the programs of Cure 4 the Kids Foundation.  We recruited him from Mattel Children’s Hospital which has an excellent reputation among children’s hospitals in America. He is Board Certified in Pediatric Hematology/Oncology and has extensive experience working with children who have undergone bone marrow transplants.  He is the Principal Investigator for several current clinical trials and has received several grants for his research into Sickle Cell disease and Gene therapy.
  • Certain weeks out of the month you may run into Dr. Diane E. Brown or Dr. Katherine Marzan at the Children’s Specialty Center of Nevada – Las Vegas.  Both are Board Certified Pediatric Rheumatologists offering the kind of expertise that no other doctor – based in Nevada – currently offers.  (There are only 150 Board Certified Pediatric Rheumatologists currently practicing in the entire country, so we feel fortunate to know and work with two of them!) As part of the Visiting Physician Program, The Cure 4 The Kids Foundation pays to transport these doctors to see our patients affected by Lupus, Scleroderma, Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis and other conditions.  Without Drs. Brown and Marzan, our patients would have to travel to Southern California, or see a local Rheumatologist who is not Board Certified in Pediatric Rheumatology.  We hold nothing against the Rheumatologists in town, but as a parent wouldn’t you want to see someone who specializes in treating kids with these conditions?
  •  Dr Nicola Longo is another of our Visiting Physicians. He is Chief of the Division of Medical Genetics at the University of Utah and also serves on numerous scientific review committee for the National Institutes of Health.  Like our other visiting physicians, Cure 4 the Kids Foundation pays to bring Dr. Longo to Las Vegas to see patients on a regular basis.  As a noted expert in the field of Genetics, Dr. Longo brings a unique and specialized expertise to our patients that is currently not available in the state.  Along with Dr. Longo, Cure 4 The Kids Foundation is working to expand treatment for those patients with Lysosomal Storage Disorders (LSD) and several other conditions, so they can be treated locally.

We’re still working to bring more specialists not only to Las Vegas, but eventually to Reno as well.  Thanks again to Dr. B who took the first step in all of this!