Posted by greg cullen on Apr 25, 2013

When it comes to celebrating, those of us at Cure 4 the Kids Foundation believe there is often no better way to recognize a momentous occasion  than with a big piece of chocolate cake, a cookie or a cupcake.

There, I said it.

Baker Extraordinaire Laura Clauson

Baker Extraordinaire Laura Clauson shown in her baking kingdom doing what she loves to do … bake! As the photo shows, she has been known to do her baking in her bare feet.

There are many people and businesses who have added to our celebrations over the years by providing those kinds of goodies and we are truly appreciative!

But there is one person who has done a majority of the baking for our kids.

Her name is Laura Clauson.  We can say without any exaggeration that she baked literally thousands and thousands of cakes in her life. She is a chronic baker who can’t say no when an event is being planned and someone says “We need a cake!”

As many of you know, we’re honored to have the “No More Chemo” parties when a patient is finally finished with their chemotherapy treatment.  It’s a big day that patients and their families rarely forget. For some patients, it is a rebirth of sorts after a long and difficult journey on the path to regaining their health.

It was after a few of those parties that Laura, who often purchased the cakes for those parties had an epiphany.  The cakes didn’t taste that good and they were expensive.  She decided to do better. And she has for many, many, many patients and their families.

Here’s a bit from the conversation between Cure 4 The Kids Foundation (C4TK) and Laura Clauson.

C4TK: What’s your favorite cake, not to bake, but to eat?

Laura: My favorite is my chocolate, chocolate, chocolate chip with cream cheese frosting and chocolate dipped strawberries and shaved chocolate and drizzled with ganache.

C4TK: So apparently, you like chocolate.

C4TK: What’s the largest amount of cookies or cupcakes you have made at one time?

Laura: I think I’ve baked and decorated about 350 to 400 cupcakes at one time.  I would say about the same number of cookies.

C4TK: That sounds like you must have an industrial sized mixer at home?

Laura: No, I only double my recipes.  Then, when one batch is in the oven, I start on the next batch. I recently moved into a new home and one of the top priorities for me was to get a double oven in the kitchen. I got it! This will make the process much quicker and easier for me!

C4TK: Would you provide a favorite recipe?

Laura: My Chocolate chip cookie recipe!  ( see link below)

C4TK: Tell us a few things about you

Laura: Perhaps I’ve learned to bake in large numbers because I’ve had to!  I have a large family … six children of my own, five step children and 14 grandchildren.  (Editor note: I just added this up and that’s like 75 cookies for a family gathering!)   I’ve worked with Dr. B for about 7 years now and am proud to be one of the original employees from the very early days.

C4TK: Anything people would be surprised to know about you?

Laura: Well, I love sports. I love to play football and basketball and I’m a bit of a daredevil. In fact, I have tried out for the television show Survivor three times!  I’ve never been chosen.  They certainly are not aware of my skills. I’m quite certain I would have made some creative meals out of the strange ingredients given to you on the show.

Laura’s Super Secret and Famous Chocolate Cookie Recipe

A look at Laura’s “No More Chemo” cakes made for our patients.