A big shout out to the students of Roy Gomm Elementary School and specifically, Ms. Mona Melton’s fifth and sixth grade class!

By now, they are all enjoying their summer break but we wanted all of you to know on the last day of school, the students presented our Reno clinic (Hemophilia Treatment Center and Children’s Specialty Center) with books they’d been collecting. This is great!

The books will come in very handy for our patients, as well as brothers and sisters of patients who spend time with us during ongoing visits with our great staff and during infusion treatments which can take up to several hours.  Being in our new location in Reno, it’s wonderful to see the community support us in this thoughtful way! Plus, we think it’s a great lesson for kids who learn to think of others. Thanks again Roy Gomm Elementary and Ms Melton’s fifth and sixth grade class.  We hope you have an extra good summer break!