Posted by Mitch on Jul 25, 2016

Our Pediatric Palliative Care Clinic (PPCC) is now seeing patients in its new location on the 4th floor. In fact, there are many services now operating out of Suite 420 which, at about 4,000 square feet, leaves us some room to grow in the future.

The new location is ideal for the PPCC as it allows us to have a designated integrative therapy room. Massage therapy, reiki, guided image therapy and meditation training will all be offered just as soon as the room is completely set up—which should be very soon. The new location has six exam rooms — large in size -- to accommodate motorized wheelchairs some of our patients utilize.

Suite 420 is also where Dr. Bello, our in-house neuropsychologist will see patients and will conduct her patient assessments.

This is also where our rheumatology and genetics patients are being seen as well.

We think this is a positive change and will allow for a better, less hectic, patient experience in the future!