Posted by greg cullen on Jan 20, 2014

We’re very proud our Las Vegas and Reno clinics received accreditation from the Joint Commission in 2012. It is the most desired accreditation for any medical facility in the United States.  As a recipient of the Joint Commission’s Gold Seal of Approval, patients are assured we are meeting the highest standards for patient care and safety, and we’ve committed to unannounced visits by Joint Commission inspectors to ensure those standards are maintained.

However, medical treatment also relies on input and involvement from the patient and his or her parent or guardian.  The Joint Commission created the Speak Up™ campaign to help foster this interaction and to get patients and families more involved in their own care, which leads to a better outcome for all.

We’ve created a page on our website to talk a little more about the Speak Up™ campaign. We’ve also linked some of the materials that offer solid advice and information for patients and parents. Be sure to check it out!

Take a look:

If you’d like to read a medical study on the subject of parental involvement, click on this link: Parental Involvement and Family-Centered Care in the Diagnostic and Treatment Phases of Childhood Cancer: Results From a Qualitative Study.

A few highlights included in the study:

  • Parental involvement in children’s health care is generally associated with positive outcomes for both parents and children.
  • Parents of children with disabilities or with chronic illnesses have reported less stress and better emotional well-being when they rated care as more family centered.
  • When children with cancer were distressed at the beginning of a procedure, explanation by a parent of what would happen during the procedure was related to reduced child distress.
  • Parents have been included as coaches/co-therapists in interventions to reduce pain, anxiety and distress during cancer-related medical procedures … studies indicate these interventions are successful in reducing child pain, anxiety and distress.