Posted by Mitch on Dec 05, 2016

Just a quick reminder that the holiday spirit can happen any time of the year! Here is a great example which shows our supporters in the community making a difference in the lives of our kids.

Our Child Life Specialist Sue Waltermeyer explains:

Our patients who have port-a-caths often find the smell of the chloroprep, used to clean their skin before their port is accessed, to be very unpleasant. One of our patients, 5-year-old Tucker, found that a Scentsy Buddy Clip helped him mask the unpleasant odor – a Scentsy Buddy Clip is a small stuffed animal infused with a pleasant fragrance.

Last March, Scentsy Rep Sweet Caroline LV donated 6 Scensty Buddy Clips in honor of Tucker. Each of the children who received one also found the Scentsy Buddy to be a help in lessening the difficulty of having their port accessed. Recently, again in Tucker’s honor, Scentsy Rep Andrea Byrd donated 52! We’ve passed out nearly all of them and have had some very positive results when they are used by the kids during their port accessing, some kids think that smelling their Scentsy Buddy even helps mask the taste of the saline flush!

Thanks to Scentsy rep. Sweet Caroline LV and Scentsy rep. Andrea Byrd for your thoughtfulness!