Posted by greg cullen on Feb 25, 2012

A lot of people have said to us at one time or another,  “It must be so difficult to work with kids who are so sick and who face such a difficult medical journey.”  There are certainly those days. Honestly, when the outcome for a patient is not good, we all feel it.  But the resilience of our doctors, nurses, medical staff–and most importantly– the patients, is what keeps us strong and keeps us going. Plus, there is no greater reward than to see a child come through a difficult journey healthy and strong.  That is the most rewarding part of what we do.

Sometimes it’s the kids who make us laugh. This week one or our young patients dealing with Leukemia decided he wanted to play hide and seek during his medical checkup in the clinic. Not surprisingly, he got bored with all the doctor stuff going on.  That made us laugh.
Another patient, Mariah, used her skills of persuasion telling EMT Jeramy, if she had to go through the uncomfortable process of starting an IV, then he had to wear some of the special pink bandage that would eventually go on her arm, around his head. (She will be a great negotiator) She ended up wrapping his head!

Mariah, by the way, is preparing to take part in the National American Miss competition.  She is a Miss Nevada Junior Teen State Finalist and proudly wore her sash to the appointment this week.  I should tell you she also told Jeramy he had to wear her sash while starting her IV–which he did. What a guy!  If Mariah wins her competition she will spend the next year speaking publicly about the Cure 4 The Kids Foundation and what its done for her.  Congrats Mariah!

Mariah was also one of the big donors last year at our first ever Bowl-a-Thon.  She raised $1,000 for whivch we’re grateful.  This would be a good time to remind you the 2012 Bowl-a-Thon is September 22 at the Suncoast Bowling Center!!  You’ll be hearing more about that very soon.  Get those bowling shoes ready!