Posted by Jesse on Nov 07, 2014

Hopefully you’ve heard. 

We now have a Long-Term Follow-Up (LTFU) clinic for childhood cancer survivors at the Children’s Specialty Center of Nevada. 
Board certified pediatric hematology oncology physician, Dr. Alexandra Walsh is overseeing the clinic. In addition, the clinic also provides access to a social worker, neuropsychologist, nurse coordinator and physical therapist.
What you may not know is why it is so important for survivors to utilize the clinic.
Here’s why: As survivors get older, there can be some long-term consequences to the therapies that helped a patient survive cancer, whether it be chemotherapy, radiation or surgery.  The risk of late complications depends largely on the survivor’s diagnosis and the specific treatment they received.  
The purpose of the Long-Term Follow-Up Clinic is to:

 1. Help determine your specific risk from long-term or late effects.
 2. Help monitor your health to minimize those risks.
 3. Help patients live the healthiest life possible.
 4. Ensure any medical professional a patient sees in the years to come is aware of the    patients risks         and will help to monitor them. 
 5. Provide health education to survivors.

Whether you received your treatment at the Children’s Specialty Center of Nevada or not, WE WANT TO HELP.
Whether you currently have medical insurance or not, WE WANT TO HELP.
Bottom line, we want all childhood cancer survivors to live the best and healthiest life they can. Part of the process is being aware of your specific risk based on the treatment you had.
Call the LTFU with any questions you have, or to make an appointment:
LTFU clinic video:

Link to this article if people want to read more about late effects?