Posted by greg cullen on Feb 25, 2012

We wanted to take a moment and honor a wonderful family who is giving back to others, despite the fact they’ve been thorough their own very difficult times.  If you go to the Children’s Specialty Center or Hemophilia Treatment Center in Reno, you’ll notice a very bright and new bookcase in the infusion area. It’s an area we now call Kylee’s Korner!

The bookcase and the books in it are a gift for all of our Reno patients to enjoy. It’s one way Kylee LeSourd’s family wanted to honor their little girl who unfortunately passed away from a brain tumor about three years ago.

It turns out reading was one of Kylee’s favorite things to do!  As a way to honor their daughter, the family decided it would help spread the joy of reading in Kylee’s name by providing books to other children facing their own challenges. Each patient is allowed to take a book and keep it!

But it doesn’t stop there.

Kylee’s big sister, Kehli, is developing a volunteer group to facilitate art projects with kids who find themselves spending several hours in the infusion area while undergoing a treatment. Starting this week, Kehli and several friends are volunteering to come and do art projects with our patients. We think it’s the beginning of something great.

Not a lot of young volunteers would agree to give up a few hours every week during their summer break–but these kids really have their hearts in the right place.