Posted by Mitch on May 23, 2016

To address the changing medical needs in our community, the Children’s Specialty Center of Nevada has added a couple medical clinics under the umbrella of the specialty center. You’ve no doubt heard about these clinics-within-the-clinic, which include the Long-Term Follow-Up Clinic for childhood cancer survivors and the Pediatric Palliative Care clinic. The Pediatric Palliative Care clinic officially opened earlier this year and will soon offer an expanded area for outpatient services. The expanded space is still under construction and will eventually be located on the 4th floor — (but not until mid-to-late June) By expanding to a new floor we will double the size of the palliative clinic. This will also allow us to have a dedicated integrative therapy room, where clients can receive massage services, reiki (A Japanese therapy technique), and guided image therapy. In addition, we have the option of providing meditation training to those who are interested. We will have have seven exams rooms — which is just about double from what we’ve had. We will let you know when the new expanded palliative clinic officially moves to the 4th floor — but wanted you to be aware of our current construction projects!