Many people will SAY they’d shave their head to support kids with cancer.  Not all of them will follow through.

We have four great examples of people who are “walking the walk” when it comes to that commitment.  All four shaved their heads at the recent St. Baldrick’s Foundation shave event at McMullan’s Irish Pub on March 2, 2013!


Not only did they shave their heads, they also sought donations for doing it!  All the money went to the St. Baldrick’s Foundation to pay for continued research into childhood cancer.

Combined, Dr. B, Dr. Alan, Annette and Jeramy raised about $10,000 for St. Baldrick’s.  (Keep in mind the final tally of all the monies raised at McMullan’s Irish Pub on March 2, 2013 is still being finalized.)

Way to go all of you.  No one can question your commitment.

More photos from the “Kids Hour” at McMullan’s Irish Pub here