Posted by Mitch on Oct 20, 2016

You may have heard a little bit about the tree that was auctioned off at Circus Couture recently. It turned out to be the auction item that brought in the most cash that night — due in part to the very special story behind its creation. We thought you’d like to know more about it.

Avery’s Tree

Avery and her family spent a lot of time in the Domsky Glass Studio working with Barbara and Larry Domsky who have been big supporters of Cure 4 The Kids Foundation, Circus Couture and all children who face a medical battle. Hundreds of children have spent time in their studio.

Avery was at many — if not all — of the art parties planned by the Domskys and Circus Couture. In addition to those events, many times the family would come down on their own just to spend time creating. It was something Avery, especially, loved to do.

So it made a lot of sense to the Domskys after Avery’s passing, that the Driscoll family should come to the studio and spend time in a place that Avery loved. The Domskys wanted to create a place for the family to undergo some “creative healing.”

From those creative sessions, something beautiful just developed. With input from Circus Couture, which wanted to celebrate Avery in some way, came the idea to create a piece of art that would be part of Circus Couture’s “Lucky” event on October 7, 2016.

The Domskys suggested a solid and strong family tree might be the way to remember her. And so the process began.



The metal tree is completely handmade, forged and shaped by Larry and placed, solidly, into a block of hand-carved and stained wood providing a solid foundation. All the leaves and butterflies are kiln formed glass. In many sessions at the studio, the Driscoll family took time to use colored powders to add a “little bit of Avery” to many of the leaves and butterflies. Other leaves on the tree represent children who also lost a battle to cancer.




Avery’s Tree, as it’s known, became part of the live auction at Circus Couture. The Driscoll's came on stage and presented the tree to the audience providing a little bit about the daughter and sister they had for a short 13 years before her passing. The opening bid was $1,000 .. and then in what can only be described as a stunning announcement, magician Criss Angel, whose own son is currently battling cancer, pledged $100,000 for the piece. He immediately gifted “Avery’s Tree” to the Driscoll family.

For the Domskys, what started out as a simple offer to help a family begin healing from an incredible loss, blossomed into an inspiring piece of art that has helped bring awareness to the battles children with cancer fight everyday.


It has also allowed Barbara and Larry to connect to Avery in a new and extremely special way.

As Barbara put it, “There are so many memories of Avery in this studio .. it’s as though she never left.”