Posted by greg cullen on Jun 25, 2013

We’re looking for someone to provide a design for the Bowl 4 The Kids 2013 t-shirt. You need not be a professional artist at all!

We’re giving our kids/families the chance to design the t-shirt everyone receives on bowl day! Here is your chance!

But .. time is getting close to turn in your entry.  First, here are the details:


  1. must be on 8 1/2 “ x 11” WHITE paper
  2. colors allowed are Red, Blue, Green, Yellow and Black
  3. Must be turned in by June 28, 2013 — turn in to Linda DeCamp on the second floor office of Cure 4 The Kids Foundation Suite #200
  4. T-shirts will be on a light grey t-shirt
  5. Winner gets to bowl for FREE at the event.


additional questions? email


Who is eligible: Anyone, all ages!

*****ALL ENTRIES ARE DUE BY JUNE 28, 2013*********


Obviously we want it to be focused on bowling in some way and have our smiley face logo on it somewhere.  We can add the logo if you wish –

Here’s what it looks like.  

Children's Specialty Center of Nevada


and here’s what the t-shirts looked like last year:  (this year they will be grey t-shirts)



See how happy these people are? It’s because they’re wearing the Bowl 4 The Kids t-shirt from 2012. You can’t get these anywhere except at the bowling event. So, help us design a t-shirt for Bowl 4 the Kids 2013!

And because we know some of you are soooo excited to get started on the bowling tournament, you can download the Bowl 4 The Kids 2013 entry form here