Posted by greg cullen on May 15, 2013

It’s a funny name … Wrong Way/ Right Cause.

But funny or not, these people are serious! (Some might call them crazy.)  Crazy or not, we’re just happy as clams they want to help support the Cure 4 The Kids Foundation’s mission to provide specialized medical treatment to ALL children.

We can say, without hesitation, this is one of the most intense fundraisers to ever be proposed to Cure 4 The Kids Foundation.  All 8,000 miles of it! Beginning June 5, 2013 in Las Vegas, the Wrong Way/Right Cause group, under the direction of  Brian Rogerson, will be taking a very long trip to Deadhorse, Prudhoe Bay, Alaska – and back to Las Vegas.

First, they’ll be on motorcycles. Secondly, by gaining pledges from wonderful people who believe like we do, that all children facing life-threatening conditions such as cancer, deserve the treatment that can save their lives, regardless if they have health insurance.

See the DONATE button way over on the right side of the page?  That’s how you can support Wrong Way/Right Cause (and ultimately Cure 4 The Kids Foundation) and help us continue providing services to those families without the benefit of medical insurance or adequate medical insurance, or the financial resources to pay for treatment.


Brian Rogerson, Wrong Way / Right Cause Idea Man!

Brian Rogerson, Wrong Way / Right Cause Idea Man!

“I first became aware of Cure 4 the Kids through co-workers.  Many people I know volunteer and fund raise because of a coworker’s son, who passed of leukemia, in 2007.  The more I discovered about the foundation the more I knew that this is an organization that I can stand up for.    I am inspired by their charity care program and the fact that they don’t turn any child away, ever,  for any reason.  I am thankful for my healthy son and am happy to pay it forward to help other families in need.”

Brian Rogerson


All the money you donate as a result of Wrong Way/Right Cause goes directly to Cure 4 The Kids Foundation!  (Don’t be alarmed by the Alliance for Childhood Diseases — that is our official name, as a nonprofit, registered with the State of Nevada.)

Just be sure to note Wrong Way / Right Cause on your donation, so we can keep track and make our goal!

But first, have you considered how long this trip is?

The best part is you can follow along!  You can get updates, photos and probably diner recommendations on the route (handy for future trips) by following the group on its Facebook page.  Give it a Like and help us out!